July 30, 2021
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  • 5:12 pm Website Conversion Strategies – How to Boost Your Conversion Rates On Your Home Business Website!
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If you’ve been trying to get more leads for your business, especially an MLM or Network Marketing Business, then what you should be focusing on are website conversion strategies.

There are fewer things that can increase your bottom line faster than to increase your website conversion rate.

And the best part is that simple things can make a huge difference, and truly increase you income like crazy. Better yet, you’re going to learn three things that you can do right now!

Website Conversion Strategies That You Can Start Using Today and Increase Your Home Business Profits

Too many people will put up a website, and then live with that website the way it is, forever. They’ll do this even IF it’s not doing well at all. That’s craziness! You cannot have a website…or should I say you should not have a website if that’s all you’re going to do. You need to be proactive and start tweaking your website so that it will convert better.

So if you’re someone who is proactive, then here are…

Three Things that You Can do TODAY to Get Your Home Business Website Getting You More Leads…

First…Split Test Your Headline Against Others Why do we start with the headline? Simple because it’s the first thing that people see. Your headline can and will be the element that makes or breaks your whole page.

Furthermore one simple change, such as color of the font, size of the font, even changing one little word can increase your conversion rates into the double digits. You MUST test this because it’s what gets people reading about your opportunity or your products.

Second…Add a Video One of the things that’s happening online now is that people are responding more and more to video over text. Of course that’s not always the case, but it’s well worth testing. Some people are even seeing between 10 to 20 percent increases and more on their squeeze page conversions just by adding video.

This is one of the conversion rate strategies that can be a game changer if you’ve been getting poor conversion rates. If you’re embarrassed to show yourself on camera that’s fine. People often respond better to a video that simply has some slides, with you speaking over them. Basically just say on the video what your squeeze page says already.

Third…Change Your Offer Your offer is the reason that anyone would leave you their info in the first place, so why not make it magnetic. Why not make it so good that they can’t stand NOT to leave their info for it.

Byron Luna